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Welcome to Mike's Subs in Kenmore!

This Month We Are Showcasing...

-Marinated Chicken Sandwich $4.49

     -Or Sub-$8.99

     Our Tender, boneless chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing, cooked on our char-grill. Melted Provolone cheese on top then add all your favorite fix-ins!

-Pulled Pork Sandwich $4.49

              -Sub $9.89

              -Dinner $10.59

     Delicious Pulled Pork with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce. Perfect for these summer days, add cole slaw, pickles or whatever you'd like!

Fish Taco $5.99

 Corona Beer battered Cod with lettuce tomato and tarter sauce. You can make any changes that you'd like to fit your taste!

 Pasta Salad 1lb $5.49

 Ask about our homemade pasta salads made fresh daily!


Chocolate Cream Pie....$2.59

 Cheesy Breadstix

 Delicious Pizza Dough topped with Garlic Spread, a homemade grated Romano cheese blend and a heathly dose of the best mozzarella money can buy!!     

                                   Large Order $8.49

Look to the right for more of our monthly specials...


¨·••Char Grilling••·¨

You can now get your Chicken Wings and Fingers Char Grilled! And they are delicious! [extra charges apply]

**And look at what we have added to the menu:

Sahlen's Hot Dog.......$2.49

1/4 lb Hamburger.....$3.49

1/4 lb Cheeseburger..$3.79 

All served on Costanzo's buns

**burgers are 1/4 lb before cooking**


 Daily Specials


≡Monday Madness≡

Large Chs & Pepp Pizza $11.99

Large Cheese Pizza $9.99

Ham; Mixed; Salami Subs $5.49

Turkey or Roast Beef Subs $6.49


Steak & Cheese Subs $6.49

Large Steak Pizza $16.99


Sausage; Sausage Special and Royal Subs $6.49

Single Fingers $7.79 Double Fingers $12.49

Sausage Pizza $11.99 Sausage Special Pizza $13.99


Buffalo Chk Finger Subs $6.99

Buffalo Chk Finger Pizza $16.99


Fried Bologna Subs $5.49

Tuna Subs $5.99


Baked Italian Subs $6.99


Meatball and Pizza Subs $5.49


Family Packs

≡≡Coupons are Not Needed≡≡

#1→ Family 4 Pack:  4 full subs & a 2 liter for                                                              $30.99

#2→Single Wings & 2 Full Subs for $22.49

#3→Double Wings & 2 Full Subs for $26.99

#4→ Single Fingers & 2 Full Subs for $22.49

#5→Double Fingers & 2 Full Subs for $28.49

#6→Large Pizza w/1 Top &20 Wings
                                             (or boneless wings)$28.99
#7→Med. Pizza w/1 Top & 10 Wings
                                             (or boneless wings)$18.29
#8→Large Pizza w/1 Top & 2 Full Subs for
#9→2 Large Pizzas w/1 Top For $29.99

#10→2 Med Pizzas w/1 Top For $18.99
**Family Packs are not valid with Hero or Double Meat subs.
**Family Packs may not be used in combination
    with coupons or any other special offers.




Pick 3 Meal Deal
only $6.49 plus tax
This meal deal is a great savings with lots of options. Choose one from each column. Sorry no substitutions. Available every day, any time! 


Mini-Sub (6")
Medium Drink
2 Cookies
Bottle of Water
Steak & Cheese
French Fries
16oz Coffee
Potato Munchers
Slice of Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
Side Salad




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Manager Weekly Specials

**Monthly Specials**


  -_-_-_We invite you to try our new marinated chicken sub, as well as our pulled pork sub!_-_-_-


Chicken Mediterranean Sub: Tender char-grilled chicken breasts, on top of fresh tomatoes, cooked spinach and crumbled feta cheese. Greek oil is the perfect dressing for this sub. Try it at just $8.99 for a Full Sub.


Customer Favorite, Eggplant Parm Sub: Tender breaded eggplant, slightly fried then baked with lots of mozzarella cheese and sweet marinara sauce. This sub is a classic and always delicious. Full Sub $8.29


**Also Try our new Buffalo Chicken Finger Pizza!

A delicious combo of Franks Hot sauce and Bleu Cheese, topped with mozzarella and our crispy fingers. We cut them into bite sized peices and distribute throughout the whole pie. We bet you can't just stick with one slice!

Large Pizza: $19.99




Featured Appetizers


Deep Fried Banana Pepper Rings

Crispy, fried and spicy! With your choice of dipping sauce, including Onion Petal Sauce, sour cream, ranch or bleu cheese.




Buffalo Shrimp

6 Juicy shrimp, tossed in your choice of

Hot, Med or Mild $5.99


 5 Cheese Stuffed Banana Peppers

Order of Four $6.99

*** Please give a minimun of 24 hrs notice for all party sub, party platter and catering orders ***

 Giant Party Subs

By far our most popular Party and Catering option.

Available from two feet up to however big you need!!!

Ham-12.99 per foot

Capicola Mixed or, Tuna-13.99 per foot

Turkey or Roast Beef-15.99 per foot

Buffalo Chicken, Grilled Chicken or Garden Burger- 16.99 per foot


Party Platters

Delicious cold cut platters served with fresh baked costanzo's dinner rolls. Meats served are turkey, ham and roast beef. Cheese served is Old English Sharp Cheddar and provolone.

Party Platter Number 1- Serves 6-10 People-$29.99

Party Platter Number 2- Serves 12-20 People-$49.99

Party Platter Number 3- Serves 18-30 People-$72.99

Party Platter Number 4-Serves 24-40 People-$99.99


Sub Platters

We take our incredibly delicious subs, cut them into 4 pieces and arrange them on party trays. Price according to your selection and quantity. Comes with sides of our famous Mike's Special Oil, Mayo, Onions and Mikes Hot Pepper Relish.

***Please Give at least two days notice for all Superbowl party orders so we can plan accordingly. Thank you!!***

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